Home Alone; Holiday Movie Lessons

home alone.jpg


My husband dropped in for the last part of my movie watching tonight and nearly ruined it for me by constantly pointing out the “unrealistic” things that were happening in it.  “Yes, I know.  If you want realism, then don’t watch movies.” It’s true that nearly this entire movie portrays things that would never happen, but the greatest part of this movie happens all the time in real life and it’s sad. It’s my #1 lesson below.

1.      Be careful what you say in anger. Be careful how you listen to someone who is angry. At some point, people regret what they say, and someone needs to be the one to pick up the phone or drive to their house or write the letter and ask for forgiveness.   The old man was afraid his son might not want to speak to him.  Kevin’s advice was wise. “What do you have to lose?  Just call him and then at least you can stop worrying about what he’ll do.” HAPPY ENDING!

2.      We shouldn’t form our opinions about someone based on the stories other people tell us.  Make up your own mind after you have your own interactions.

3.      Be careful what we wish for because most of the time what we wish for isn’t really any better than what we already have.  We just haven’t take the time to appreciate what we already have.

4.      We don’t know how great something is until we no longer have it.


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