A Charlie Brown Christmas; Holiday Movie Lessons

Charlie brown Christmas.jpg

As I sat to watch this movie tonight, I was taken back to 1965 when I saw it for the first time.  It was a BIG DEAL!  Compared to the high-tech animated shows today, this one is pretty pathetic. What is about this strange little cartoon with poor animation, depressing and mean characters, jazz music and lots of silent moments that has such appeal? I don’t know, but it has lasted, and no Christmas season seems complete without watching it or hearing Schroeder hammer out the Charlie Brown theme.  The lessons are simple:

1.       To be great, things don’t have to be expensive or glamorous. Simple can be truly beautiful.

2.       When you want to get work done and people want to mess around, it makes you want to quit!

3.       When one person says something mean, it’s easy for lots of people to just pile on.

4.       Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder; Linus and Charlie Brown both see potential in the little tree when others think it’s ugly!

5.       At a time of year when many people find joy and happiness, there are many people who are very sad. The holidays aren’t fun for everyone.


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