What is the MAGIC NUMBER?

magic number.gif

This is not the type of magic number that you bet on; I will let someone else write about that. This is the magic number that serves as a threshold. Something magical (not necessarily good magic) happens when this number shows up in your life. While we are all familiar with the phrase “bad luck comes in threes” and many people buy into that belief, I have come to notice that the magic number really varies for people and for situations. Here are just a few that I have stumbled upon in the last few weeks. I’m curious if you have any numbers that represent a threshold of sorts. The number that has goodness or badness on the other side of it …

4 is the magic number for an introverted client of mine.  He is at ease and comfortable in a group that has less than 4 people in it. As soon as there are 4 people that he doesn’t really know, he begins to withdraw. Once he knows people, the number is no longer 4 and if there are only 3 “strangers”, he is fine.

5 is a magic number for many of my Jazzercise students.  Most of them feel at least psychologically better at 1 or 2 workouts per week. Some notice a change in weight or fitness level at 3 or 4 workouts per week. But, something magical tends to happen when they cross the threshold to 5 workouts per week.  Fitness level is very noticeable, and if they are someone that is trying to lose weight, the pounds begin to melt away.

3 is the magic number for me when it comes to how many treats I can have without losing control.  Keebler EL Fudgesticks are my #1 weakness and if I can limit myself to 2 cookies, I can stop. If I eat 3, I end up eating 6 or 8 or half of the box. The same is true with potato chips. There used to be a Lay’s potato chip commercial that said “I bet you can’t each just 1.” I totally can eat just 1. I can even eat only 2.  But, if I shove in that 3rd chip, I end up grabbing a handful and munching my way into the bag.

6 seems to be the magic number for most teams I work with. Team dynamics, team processes, collaboration, etc. all seem to go pretty well and work is easier when there are 5 or less people in a team. When the 6th person joins, something happens and the communication often begins to break down.

7 seems to be a popular magic number for sleep.  If people get more than 7, it’s okay, but less than 7 and they are not their best selves.

30 is our magic number for date night. If my hubby and I go more than 30 days without a night that is just for us – no family, no friends, no work, no church – we start to feel a disconnect that is palpable.

4 is the magic number for how many pounds I am over my ideal weight. I can live with 1, 2 or 3, but at 4# suddenly none of my clothes fit. I don’t even need the scale, but if I do step on it when I feel a little heavy, it almost always is 4#.

9 days away from home is the magic number for myself and many others I know who travel. 9 days feel like a long time, but I am still able to focus on the work or the vacation. At 10 days, my focus shifts to what I am missing instead of where I am. My bed doesn’t feel as good, the food doesn’t taste as good, alone time isn’t restful, I notice all the little things that are irritating to me about wherever I am.  I guess that may be why they say “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

If you are open to it, I’d love to have you share your magic number. What is the threshold you cross where things feel very RIGHT or very WRONG?


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