Frosty the Snowman; Holiday Movie Lessons


There are about 5 animated movies in my holiday collection.  I knew that it might be tricky to pull life lessons from a 30-minute animated movie based on a song, but Frosty is a classic and it was the movie of the day. Did you know that it is the 48 years old?  

These lessons are simple, just like the movie, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t good ones!

1.      I love how kids can suspend rational thought and let their imagination take over. We adults should try that more often. Why are we so  afraid to believe in magic or miracles?

2.      There is a message about friendship that is quite powerful.  Karen doesn’t think about the fact that it’s Christmas Eve or that she might freeze when she chooses to go with Frosty to the North Pole.  She is focused on one thing and that is that she doesn’t want to see him melt and, so she will make the sacrifice to save his life.

3.      It is also very helpful to be good at charades, because that is how Hocus Pocus communicated to Santa, Frosty and the animals.  Without his ability to communicate with just about anyone, the story wouldn’t have had a very happy ending.

What am I missing for lessons in this one?


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