Christmas Vacation; Holiday Movie Lessons

christmas vacation.jpg

I thought there might not be anything meaningful in this crazy, Christmas classic, but I was wrong.  I found 7 items that had some deeper meaning for me, but I promised to not share more than 5, so these are my picks:

1.       A sense of humor is always nice to have, but during stressful times it becomes critical.

2.       Sometimes we set ourselves up to be disappointed because we create unrealistic expectations.

3.       Love your family no matter what kind of mixed bag they bring – joy, sadness, frustration, disappointment – stick together through it all.

4.       Family should be a place where you don’t feel like you must pretend that everything is okay. Family is a place you can be real and ask for help if you need it.

5.       Some plans look good on paper, but in the execution phase they are not so great.


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