NOTICING - Inattention Can Make Things Disappear

For 2 months I was plagued with an incredibly sore right shoulder and a left hand that couldn't even grip my toothpaste tube to open it.  It was horrific. I was obsessed with how much it hurt. I iced. I heated. I stretched. I rubbed on various creams. I took Advil. I whined. Nothing helped!

Fast forward to January 14th when my dog, Skye, came up lame after a run.  She was diagnosed with an ACL tear and scheduled for surgery on January 26th. All of a sudden she had all of my attention.

Guess what I noticed this last week?  Yep - my shoulder and my hand didn't hurt at all.  By NOT paying attention to something and focusing on something else it went away.

That shows the power of paying attention - the power of noticing!

What might you start paying INATTENTION to so that it can go away?


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