NOTICING - 1 to 1 connections


As so often is the case, I was struck by a pertinent thought while showering this week. I was thinking about the 18 people I was spending the week with, as part of a training session.  I noticed that there were only a couple that stood out in my mind as individuals - the rest were "part of the group". This caused me to ponder why that was so. I was spending the same amount of time with all 18 people, so why did I see only a few as individuals?


 It occurred to me that I am really good in a one to many space, where I am responsible for connecting with a whole group. I am even pretty good at creating the kind of space where those individuals connect with each other. However, I do not typically take the time to reach out and connect one to one. If individuals come to me, I am happy to connect at whatever level they want - I am just not the initiator.


I was left with two questions...

What am I missing by not initiating 1:1 connections?

What is it that prevents me from shifting my focus from the many to the one?


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