NOTICING - My timer is always on!


I look relaxed here, right?

It's a facade!!!!!

Spent a week in the Bahamas and my brain was doing this ...

Wake up - how many more mornings do I wake up here?

Going to bed - how many more nights do I sleep here?

By the pool - how long have I been here?

At dinner - how many more meals do we eat here?

Walking by the beach - how many more months until our next vacation?

Reading a book - how many days until I fly to Dallas?


I try really hard to stay in the moment, but I really struggle with that. It seems as if I am always counting backwards or forwards.  Why is my brain so fascinated with how long it has been since something happened?  or how long until something else happens?

Remember - this year's blogs might not have any answers - it might be filled with questions and ponderings and noticings.   That's what this week is about.   I didn't realize how obsessed I was with "counting" time until I really tried to slow down and relax.  I want to increase my capacity to be nowhere but here and I'm open to suggestions ...


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