Recovering Perfectionist - NOT ME!!!

"Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good." - G. Rubin

I have a friend who would love to take the pictures of her family OUT of the boxes and put them into scrapbooks that the family could look through and enjoy. Why doesn't she do it?  It's not a time issue - she says that she knows she will get completely bogged down in making every page perfect and never get it done.

I have another friend who refers to herself as a recovering perfectionist. She says it and we both laugh, but we laugh for different reasons.  She laughs because after all of these years of making herself crazy over getting things perfect, she has found that all she can do is laugh about this annoying trait.  I laugh because I think it would be great to be a little more worried about getting things perfect.  When I stop laughing, I take a serious look at this ... when is something as good as it's going to get? when can you stop working on something and just let go?

PQ: What, if any, are the things in your life that you are trying hard to perfect, and you could better use that energy to appreciate the level of good you (or they) have achieved? OR  What things have you put off starting, because you are worried that you won't be able to do it perfectly?

Please share your less than perfect thoughts on the topic HERE ...



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