How can you shift your perspective?

  We love to play games at our house, and it was a gaming experience that brought me this week's PQ. My son and I were playing a favorite word game when my frustration got the best of me. I had been looking at the board for several minutes, searching for a space on the board that would allow me to build any word from the letters in my hand.  At some point, I  had to take a break and get a Diet Coke (my fix for moments of frustration). On my way back to the table, I stopped and looked at the board from an upside down position and there - as plain as day - were two openings for words I could build from the letters I had. How did that happen? The board had not changed, nor did the letters in my hand.  My perspective did. I think you might agree that it is more difficult to read words from upside down, yet seeing the situation from this new angle opened up something new to me.  In that moment, I was reminded of how important it is to shift ourselves from time to time and get a different view of things. Your PQ for this week- What is something in your life that could benefit from you taking a look from a different perspective?

HINT: Look to anywhere you feel stuck, frustrated, bored, complacent or in a state of avoidance.  Once you find IT - the thing you want to get a new view of, it's time to explore other perspectives.  Have some fun. Look around your room and let it inspire you --- here are just a few ideas to get you going:

  • A glass of water (the perspective that this is a necesary part of your life - you cannot live without it)

  • Something sports related (the perspective of a coach getting his team ready to play a big game)

  • A window (the perspective of being outside looking in)

  • An old shirt (the perspective of something that is worn out and could easily be replaced)

  • A microwave (the perspective of needing to add a little heat to the situation)

Get the idea? Try it. There is no wrong perspective!  All that we are looking for is a shift in how you look at something - oftentimes, the crazier the perspective the more profound your findings.  Enjoy!


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