3 Keys to Finding Hidden Treasures in a Difficult Transition

Hello, dear readers! I wanted to take a minute to check in and find out how my new e-book, "3 Keys to Finding Hidden Treasures in a Difficult Transition" is landing with you.

If you haven't downloaded it yet, you can get it for FREE on the the website at the bottom of the home page! Click here to download.

If you've made it through Key No. 1: Notice where you are in the journey, you know that during a transition, we tend to look straight ahead and focus all our energy on where we’re going. It is rare that anyone pauses to notice where they are in the journey.

But noticing holds so much power!

Key No. 1 teaches you how to tune in to what’s happening both inside and around you as you navigate your transition.

So, I’m curious:

What transition(s) are you currently navigating?
What did you notice about your current transition after you read Key No. 1?
What did you learn about your journey after completing the drawing exercise?

I’d love to know! Leave a comment below in response to one or all of these questions. Let’s learn from each other! Too shy to put your thoughts here? Send me an email jean@drjdavidson.com


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