NOTICING - People (and things) may be stronger than they appear!

Those darn little spiders just keep spinning webs on my deck chairs., so I have to keep on cleaning them off.  A couple of weeks ago, I was outside checking the chairs, when I found some of the webs on the seats.  I thought I would quickly grab the hose and spray them off.  WRONG!!!

They looked so wispy - so thin - so fragile; surely a forceful stream of water should break it down. But it didn't.  I had to go and get a rag and use the water (repeatedly) and rag to thoroughly destroy the web. It was in that moment that I thought how the fragile looking web reminded me of people.

At times in  my life, I may have misjudged people as fragile. I'm not proud of my nature to judge., and if I were self-actualized and completely self-managing, I would never judge, but I am not.  So, I have made choices on what to share or ask or do based on how strong someone seemed to me.  I have assumed they couldn't handle "it", whatever "it" happened to be.

Many times I have made an error in judgment though. I have a friend who has proved me wrong. When I first met her, I thought she seemed like she couldn't handle anything too tough - like she might break down if she ever had anything very hard to handle - someone who might have led the life of a protected princess where everything went the right way.  I would not ask her to help with things that I needed help with. I held back on feedback. I never wanted to have any conflict with her. I was protecting her because I thought she couldn't handle it.  I thought that when I first met her, but then as time passed and I grew to know more about her life experiences, I realized how wrong I was. As it turns out, she is one of the strongest people I have ever met. Her back story is nothing short of movie quality. I like to think I am strong and that I have lived through some tough times, but I am not at all sure how I would have handled her life. My gut tells me that I might have cracked like a piece of glass and shattered into a hundred pieces. Not her!  She just keeps it all quietly inside herself and keeps moving forward in a quiet, unassuming, almost invisible way.

How like this spider web she is.  Lovely, fine, wispy - seemingly fragile - but oh so strong.

TAKEAWAY: We never know what others have experienced or what they are dealing with.  They might really appreciate having someone see them as the strong, extraordinary people they are!


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