Polar Express; Holiday Movie Lessons

Polar express.jpg

I must admit that this is not one of my favorite Christmas movies; there is something about the faces of the people that is creepy to me(is it their eyes?). I do love Josh Groban singing the main theme song though- it’s beautiful. Below are the 4 lessons I found in Polar Express.

1.      The power of believing starts with someone wanting to believe. If a person has no desire to believe in something, nothing it going to help them believe. They will always find a reason to discredit the belief.

2.      Just because you know something (or a lot of somethings) doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone. The “know-it-all” boy in this movie is most annoying to me because he feels the need to show everyone how smart he is.

3.      When you believe in something, you see and hear things that non-believers can’t (the bell that mom and dad couldn’t hear).

4.      Being selfless is the very best gift of all.


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