A Christmas Story; Holiday Movie Lessons

A Christmas Story.jpeg

Why do think this movie is so popular?

Is it because it’s super easy to watch, while being partially distracted?

Is it because we can all relate to at least one scene in the movie?

Is it because we all had that childhood Christmas when we desperately wanted something that we were sure we wouldn’t get and by some miracle, we got it on Christmas morning?

Whatever the reasons for its popularity, it’s become a Christmas tradition!  And, here are my 5 lessons.

1.      Imagination is a powerful, driving force.

2.      Having someone put soap in their mouth for swearing DOES work (I have personal experience).

3.      Little brothers are annoying.

4.      Moms make almost anything better

5.      Really, really wanting something can set us up for disappointment or a magical ending!


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