Scrooged; Holiday Movie Lessons


Watching someone be so incredibly cynical and mean is tough. I know that the Charles Dickens’ Scrooge was unkind and selfish, but Bill Murray’s character takes mean to a new level.  It wasn’t difficult at all to find some words of wisdom in this movie.

1.      If your boss’s values clash with yours, save yourself and quit your job.  You’ll be fine somewhere else.

2.      We might benefit from listening to the voices of those who have been down a similar path; their advice may be very helpful and save us some tough times.

3.      Drinking does not erase pain – it only delays it.

4.      Everything we do and say is teaching our kids something about how to behave.

5.      When we get so wrapped up in our work that we no longer notice how people around us are feeling, it’s a sign that we have the wrong priorities.


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