The Christmas Card; Holiday Movie Lessons

The CHristmas Card.jpg

I’m pretty sure this was a Hallmark or Lifetime Christmas movie, as it has all the markings.  Idyllic small town, snow at the perfect time, romantic triangle, sweet as pie family, dream house … It’s all here in this movie, plus commercial breaks without commercials.  Watching it does make me think it would be nice to live in Nevada City in a huge log home with a wraparound porch and drive a Jeep! I found 3 brief lessons – all focused on things of the heart:

1.      When it comes to matters of the heart, no one else can tell you what to do; you must make your own decisions.

2.      When a choice is the right choice, there is no second guessing. You might not be able to explain why, but you just know it's right. Sometimes your heart knows what your brain doesn’t (by the way there is research to back this up).

3.      We never know what might come from a small, simple act of kindness.


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