White Christmas; Holiday Movie Lessons

white christmas.jpg

I know that this movie is as corny as a movie can get, but I don’t care – it’s still my favorite!  I watch this movie every year when I wrap Christmas gifts. I’ve watched it at least 50 times in my life and I still get goosebumps at the end of the movie when they all come onstage in their red satin and white fur and the snow is falling.  I guess it’s the hopeful romantic in me that loves it when everything has a happy ending.  Maybe it’s because life has so many unhappy endings that I am attracted to the unrealistic Hollywood endings! I bet you can guess what lessons I pulled from this movie.

1.      We can see what someone does or says, but unless they tell us, we have no clue what someone’s intention or motive is. I see people drawing their own conclusions as to why someone does something all the time and it’s unfair. Be careful what story you make up about someone’s intentions.

2.      Sticking your nose into other people’s business is never a good idea.

3.      Sharing bits of information we overhear is gossiping; it’s unhealthy and unkind.

4.      It’s oh so tempting to think you know what is best for someone else!

5.      It’s fun, and possibly good for us, to suspend our realistic, logical mind at times and get lost in a completely illogical, unlikely, fantastical story.

QUESTION for you … Do you think that everybody has an angle they are working?  I think our modern word for that is “an agenda”.   What do you think?


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