Miracle on 34th Street; Holiday Movie Lessons

Miracle on 34th street.jpg


I was in 5th grade when I stopped believing in the “Santa Claus” that came to my home in his magical sleigh on Christmas Eve and delivered toys. I fought long and hard to hang on to that fantasy – even when others around me stopped believing. Years later, Santa took on another form – the form that is taught in this movie. The symbol for generosity and giving and making impossible things possible.  I love that spirit and will never let it go. Perhaps that is why I love movies that focus on helping us believe in just a bit of magic.

Here are the thoughts I found worth pondering:

1.      If someone wants to believe in something magical, let them.

2.      When choosing a partner, with whom you plan to create a family, it is best to discuss the myths you plan to share with your children.  Easter Bunnies, Tooth fairies and Santa are kind of a deal breaker!

3.      I am a fan of being honest, but one needs to practice being honest AND kind. There is no reason to be cruel like our leading lady is when she turns down the marriage proposal.

4.      And the lesson that is on the movie poster – “When you love someone deeply enough, anything is possible.”


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