The Preacher's Wife; Holiday Movie Lessons

The Preacher's Wife.jpg

I will get my bias out of the way early; Denzel Washington is one of my favorite actors and I think Whitney Houston is lovely and her voice is angelic. Add to that a sappy, romantic, funny plot and I am completely happy. I LOVE this movie and the music!  Spiritual messages are easy to find in this movie, but since I made a commitment to life lessons, I will leave all the thoughts about prayer, miracles and faith for some other time.

1.      The hardest choices in life are the ones when we must choose between something good and something good. Poor Henry is doing good work visiting the sick.  It’s not like he’s choosing between hanging out at the bar and family time.  It’s choosing between two really good things that is hard.

2.      When you stop believing in yourself, it can be difficult to believe in anything else.  .

3.      Sometimes it takes a perspective outside of a situation or relationship to notice what is really going on and give us a nudge.

4.      “Look at the real price before you close the deal.”  Love that quote.

5.      Henry said that his family was important, but that is not what his actions said. We would all do well to have our actions match our words!


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