One Hour with The #Voice


BUT ...

It is the only non-sporting event that I use my TV for these days. Why? What is it about The Voice that pulls me in?  I had one hour over the weekend to catch up with the new season, and with DVR, that means I can watch one 2-hour show in about half the time of watching it live.  In that one hour, I laughed - I cried - I was amazed - I danced - I sang along - I was inspired - I empathized. That's a lot of emotion for only one hour. It's true that as a former music major and radio station employee, I have a deep love for music, but it's so much more than that. Let me articulate what it is about The Voice that brings me back again and again - life lessons!

  • What you look like really doesn't matter much
  • Some people are born with a gift that only needs to be nurtured
  • Others can develop a gift with good teachers and a lot of hard work
  • Some things really are worth taking a risk
  • Everyone deserves at least a second chance
  • If we listen to feedback from others, we can get better
  • Great voices/people/things can come from really tiny people/places/beginnings
  • You only fail if you don't ever try
  • You are never too old to go after a dream
  • You are never too young to go after a dream
  • You can keep trying until you are tired of trying
  • A little friendly competition never hurt anyone
  • Kindness and humility are quiet, but speak volumes
  • Being scared is nothing to be ashamed of
  • Families that support and love each other are powerful
  • Music touches us in places that written or spoken words cannot
  • A kind, appreciative word spoken at the right time can save someone's day

I hope that you choose to use YOUR voice for good and understand the impact it has on others!!


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