Life Lessons from Walking the Dogs

dogs recoveringThis is the "girls" after a long walk in the snow - RECOVERING!

It has been cold (that is a huge understatement) in Minnesota this past week. We have had a few days where the high temperature was below zero ( I don't know how to translate that to Celsius, but it's COLD) and the windchills have been between -25 and -35.  When the temperature did go above zero, it snowed 4 or 5 inches. For most of us humans, those are the days that we choose to stay in our houses, turn on the fireplace and drink hot cocoa all day. To Siberian Huskies, however, it means PLAYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So, I took 20 minutes to put on all the layers and took the girls to the park.  As I am inclined to do, I thought of all the life lessons I was noticing during our time outside. I thought I'd share with you!

Clean up your own crap (sorry if that word offends you, but that really is what it is)

Don't be in such a hurry to get somewhere - just enjoy the walk

We are happiest when we are doing what we were born to do

It's cool to be curious, but sometimes you are going to stick your nose in some places that don't smell so good

It's much more fun to run and play with a friend

When you are feeling stir crazy, sometimes you just need to go outside and get some fresh air

If you gotta go, you gotta go

It's pretty natural to try and pull someone in the direction you want to go

If someone pulls hard enough, you're going to end up going their way

Some people just never seem to get tired

Not all strangers are people you want to let touch you

Some people you just have the urge to snarl at and bite

Don't confuse activity with actually getting something done or going somewhere

Home always feels better after you have been away for awhile

The silence of nature is  refreshing

The best things in life require nothing more than you and someone you love


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