Stressed? So What?

stressful situationsDon't you wish it were that easy for you?

 I really don't think much about stress these days. Maybe it's one of the benefits of aging - less stuff bothers me.  I do know that every week -  maybe even every day - I have a conversation with someone that is stressed out. I am certainly not going to write a blog about ways to deal with stress.  If you want that - google it - you'll find 58,700,000 results.  I'm NOT kidding.  I just googled it and found nearly 59 million results for something written about stress. I can't come up with anything new. So, why am I bringing it up?

Call me curious ...

What stresses you out?

How do you act when you are stressed out? 


What would you like the people around you to DO when you are stressed out?

The answers to those 3 questions are different for everyone. We will get in trouble if we don't know the answers to those 3 questions for ourselves. We will get in even bigger trouble if we believe that those answers are the same for everyone!

Let me share mine --- I would love it if you shared yours HERE in the COMMENTS section --- but, at least, think about them and share them with someone who would benefit from knowing (your boss, peers, spouse, partner, children, parent, close friend, ...).


I get stressed out when ... I am running late (my own fault)

When I am running late ... I get very short, brash, snippy with my answers to any questions. Little things irritate me at that point that I would normally ignore. And, I try to avoid 4 way Stops because I will want to hurt the people that don't follow the 4 way Stop rules at that point in time.

What I would like others to do when I am stressed out is ... stay out of my way, ask if they can help me with anything, DO NOT - I repeat, DO NOT remind me of what time it is or make reference to the fact that I am going to be late.  I probably already know that at this point and will not appreciate your reminder.


Okay - your turn - feel free to share! I challenge each of us to try and eliminate this word from our vocabulary this week. It really is not helpful to say  "I am so stressed."  "I am stressed out." "I hate how stressed I am."  Your body already knows it - skip the reminders.  Notice what happens when you choose to eliminate that word and find another way to express what you are feeling!


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