Leadership Shows Up In 4 Ways

Drj teaches ITLTwin Cities United Way Emerging Leaders - 7/29/14

I had the chance to talk with about 50 emerging leaders last night at a United Way sponsored event in downtown Minneapolis. The response was great! A theme that I heard in the feedback was that they appreciated how simple it was to remember and how practical it could be for checking in on their own leadership day to day - situation to situation. While I know that not all people reading this blog think of themselves as leaders, I believe that this can be applied in your life. This works for moms, dads, teachers, friends ... wherever you want to show up your best and work with others to get stuff done.

In its simplest form, leadership has four manifestations ... in other words, leaders show up focusing on some combination of these four areas. Everything else we know about leadership fits into these four broad aspects of leadership!

It’s about who you are being (centered)

It’s about people (relationships)

It’s about knowing where you are going (visionary)

It’s about getting stuff done (results)

Try it this week. Think of something you are working to accomplish and ask yourself where you are currently putting most of your energy. Then think about what you could do in each of the other three areas. It's always a juggling game with a little of this and more of that, but it is almost always some combination of the four. You will likely put most of your energy where your strengths are and avoid the others. Push yourself - step into all four and see what happens!

To pull it all together, one of the session attendees wrote this as advice to himself. Thanks, Ryan!

Know yourself, then learn about others... only then can you inspire others to come along and achieve great results!



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