Get off the Dance Floor


Perspective is a big deal! Not just understanding that other people have a different perspective than you, but understanding that you  may be too close to an issue and what YOU need is a different perspective.

A great analogy is that of a dance floor. Picture yourself on this dance floor ... what might you feel? Fun - music you love - a partner you like - you really can't dance very well - you think everyone else dances better - it feels crowded - tired.

Now, picture yourself leaving the dance floor and heading upstairs to a balcony where you can get a different view.  Things tend to look very different when you are not in the thick of them. What might you notice up here? no one dances well - the music is really, really loud - there is a lot of open space on the dance floor - there are lots of people that are just hanging out not dancing - the energy is exhilarating, but you needed time alone. Those are all things you don't notice when you are in the middle of it.

When you feel as if you are spinning on the dance floor, simply excuse yourself and go up on the balcony. Take a look down and observe the whole floor. What do you see?  What surprises you? What disappoints you? What looks the same from here as it did when you were in the middle of it? What pleases you? What do you want to do something about now that you see it? What do you want to ignore when you go back to the dance?

I have been teaching this principle a great deal lately. "They" say that you teach what you need to learn. Guess I better step away from the dance more often and broaden my view. I challenge you to do the same. As always, feel free to share what you notice from a different view with us here on the blog.


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