Where are the YELLOW LIGHTS in your life right now? (A Traffic Light Metaphor)

I'm typically in a hurry when I am in my car. The reasons are two-fold: 1) I have likely left for my destination a little late (I thrive on the adrenaline rush of cutting things close) and 2) I just have a personality that likes to go fast!

Given the above declaration, you might think I would be one of these people that rips right through those yellow/red lights, but I AM NOT! Every day, I watch near misses happen as our arrow turns green and cars continue to pour through the intersection, which means that stream of drivers are all rushing through on a color that really means GET READY TO STOP NOW!

While hanging out at a stoplight or two in the last week, I was thinking about the meaning of the lights. Red is pretty hard to misinterpret - STOP!  Green is also quite obvious - GO!  Yellow on the other hand creates space for a great deal of interpretation. At its core, it means that we should be cautious before proceeding.

In my own quirky way of thinking, I quickly left the actual traffic lights behind and headed into a life metaphor.

Where do we have yellow lights in our lives right now?

Where are we not clear on whether we should stop or go?

What would be the conditions in which we would just step on it and go for it?

What might happen that would get us to slam on our brakes?

How long can we stay in that mode of indecision before the opportunity is gone (and we cause other problems)?

How is our hesitation (being cautious) affecting others? and how?

I am thinking that this week might be a great time for you/me/us to hit the pause button (or the yellow light). Let's do a scan of our lives and notice where we are:

Driving forward

Halted all action

Stuck in a place of indecision

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