To plan or not to plan

Have you noticed yet (after 14 months of me writing this weekly blog) that these blogs reflect what is going on in my own life?  Well - this is what I got for you tonight. I get that a plan is good ... but sometimes, you don't have time for a plan or you get there and find out the plan isn't going to work, so you just gotta wing it.  Other times, you think you can wing it and you quickly find out that isn't a good idea. The situation truly requires you to hit PAUSE or STOP and go back and create a plan.

As is the case with many things in our lives, this all depends on the situation. I, unfortunately, was born being comfortable winging it. You may think "wow - lucky girl - you are okay just making things up on the fly?"  YES, I AM!  Oftentimes, I work with people that are not - they need a plan. Oftentimes, I work in situations that require some thought and reflection and information gathering and probing and ...planning. I am not as good in those situations, but I am learning the value of the skill of planning.

I have a challenge for you this week.  I want you to take something that you always PLAN and WING IT.   I also want you to take something where you always WING IT and PLAN IT.   Let's see what happens when you approach the tasks from a different perspective.  As always, I would love to hear what you learn in the process.


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