Why aren't we as happy as we could be?

Maybe you think "happiness" is overrated - there is certainly a lot of talk about it these days. I, for one, think that it's about time we get serious about creating greater happiness in our lives. It doesn't mean bad or sad things won't happen to us, but it certainly makes those things easier to deal with if we can figure out how to create a cheerful, happy countenance.  I subscribe to the Project Happiness Blog by Gretchen Rubin and received this quote this morning - just want to share because I think it gives us a good reminder of why we need to work hard at staying in the present if we want to truly be happy.  Enjoy!

"There are two things that I think really hold people back from finding happiness: fear and regret. Although different, they both have to do with not living in the present. Fear focuses too much on the future and causes us to stagnate.  Although it feels real, it often isn’t and stems from what we imagine to be as the worst case scenario. This impedes us from taking risks, managing change and moving forward with our goals and the things we dream. On the other hand, regret lies in the past and limits our ability to enjoy what life has to offer in the here and now. We become consumed with past failures or disappointments and don’t see how we can learn from those experiences so we can create an even better present or future."


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