ONE WORD for 2018

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About 8 years ago I gave up on my life long practice of creating resolutions for the new year and switched to a ONE WORD approach.  It has worked brilliantly for me. In this months' TAKE NOTICE (my newsletter), I challenge my readers to select ONE WORD and share it with all of us here on my website. I truly look forward to what the focus will be for all of you. I have already heard from 3 people ... BRAVE, FOCUS, ACTION.  All great words.

On Day 12 of my CONSISTENT focus, I want to share what I have learned so far. 

  • Knowing that I have made a commitment to be consistent in certain areas has motivated me to do some things that I really wanted to skip. Have that extra glass of water instead of another Diet Coke. Take the dogs out for a walk even though the wind-chill is -20.  Pause to kneel and pray before I begin work for the day (even when I'm running late). It's been fantastic!
  • I notice where I am inconsistent. Then I get a choice on whether inconsistency produces the results I am looking for, or whether I need to be more consistent. 
  • A version of the word consistent is consistency and that often is used as a descriptor for food. The gravy is lumpy. The potatoes were chunky. The batter is too thick or too thin. Not everyone likes their food to have the same consistency.  So, what consistent looks like for me might be very different than what it looks like for you and that is OKAY!
  • I feel really good about myself. Seriously!  After 12 days of applying my one word to a few very important things in my life, I feel different - inspired - motivated - accomplished - purposeful.  It's all good stuff.

So, if you are not familiar with the ONE WORD concept, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter here on the site and read all about it off and on during the year.  You can also check out the book, ONE WORD THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  

Most of all, if you choose to create a ONE WORD focus for 2018, will you please share it here in the comments?  I think it will be fun for all of us to see what others are choosing to focus on. 


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