The Santa Clause; Holiday Movie Lessons

The Santa Clause.jpg

Super clever, right?  Taking Santa’s last name and turning it into the terms of a legal contract is a creative plot for a movie. I have always liked Tim Allen and watching him change from a curmudgeon into a guy that not only gets the Spirit of Christmas, but also into a good dad is pretty good stuff. This movie brings everything about Santa Clause to life for me – from the reindeer (adorable) to life at the North Pole to the true magic of Santa’s Christmas Eve escapades. I find myself really wanting to believe that this is all true – thus the following points.

1.      Kids are willing to let go of reality so easily and I love that.

2.      Sometimes we should let go of the plan, go with the moment and enjoy the ride.

3.      Why is it so hard to believe in something we don’t have a logical explanation for?

Maybe one of the reasons I love this time of year so much is that I can imagine the sound of reindeer hoofs on my rooftop and someone that keeps track of all our doings – naughty and nice! Here’s to all the BELIEVERS!


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