Beyond Christmas; Holiday Movie Lessons

Beyond Christmas.jpg

This movie is ancient! Made in 1940 with actors that have now all passed on, it was originally filmed in black and white. I am quite sure I own it because I get sucked into purchasing things on iTunes and Amazon when they say "if you like this, then you might also enjoy this".  Invariably, I buy both this and this!

If you haven't seen it, it's a cute old fantasy film about three successful, lonely old men who befriend two people on Christmas Eve. The two people quickly become a couple and the three old men die in a plane crash. After that, their ghosts play guardian angels and try to help these two young people find lasting happiness.  Predictable - unbelievable - hopeful!

These lessons are direct quotes from the film.

1.      The way to be happy is to serve others ( I LOVE THIS ONE!!!!)

2.      There are no strangers on Christmas Eve

3.      We need music in the world just as much as we need bridges

4.      Sometimes we have to go to the darkness alone before we can see the light


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