What is sitting on my shoulders?


For 10 days I have had that heavy, twisted, knotted, messed up feeling in my shoulders!  Days of ice, Advil, stretching, massage, adjustments, praying, some crying ... what the heck?

Tonight, I decided to stop fixing and chose to ask a simple question.  What is sitting on my shoulders weighing me down? I pictured something sitting on my shoulders - what was it?  Then, I sat down, closed my eyes, and let my body talk to me. It became so clear!

All the icing, massaging, Advil, and traction in the world cannot alleviate the pain that is coming from within me. Those treatments cannot take away the burden I place on myself by my choices. Too much - say no - find some white space - time to do nothing - let go of what you cannot control - find ease!!!

It's been good to spend a bit of time tonight noticing what is going on. Now that I see it, I can do something about it.


I encourage you to look beyond the obvious at times and notice what may lay beneath the surface. What is there may surprise you!


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