Time to Elevate the 3rd Wheel



Everything I could find out in the universal database referred to the negative aspects of being the 3rd wheel. Furthermore, it is nearly always in reference to dating or relationships where the non-involved person feels awkward.  I couldn't even find a decent quote on being a 3rd wheel. Following those searches is not worth your time; stick with me right here and let's see if I can make a case for elevating the 3rd wheel.

I think that the term "third wheel" has gotten a bad rap!

Lately I have been in situations where I am conscious that someone might have felt like a 3rd wheel. There may have EVEN been times when I felt like a 3rd wheel (pretty hard for a flaming extrovert like me). I started thinking about what's it like to be a 3rd wheel and came up with a nice list of reasons why I believe we need a 3rd wheel and why you should feel GREAT when you are a 3rd wheel.

#1   Let's use the metaphor of the tricycle. It's a tricycle because it has a 3rd wheel. This wonderful invention helps small children learn to peddle and steer. It prepares them for the time they are ready to ride on a two-wheeler. What does being a 3rd wheel teach you?

#2  In the case of the tricycle, the third wheel determines what direction you will go. The other two wheels just come along for the ride. In a sense, the 3rd wheel is the tie breaker.  One of them wants to go for pizza. One of them wants Chinese.  You pick pizza and ... pizza wins.  Where in your 3rd wheel life, can you step up and determine the direction by being the tiebreaker? 

#3 A 3rd wheel provides balance. Without it, all of these cycles displayed might very well tip over. No question, they are more stable with a 3rd wheel. Where do you provide stability and balance by being the 3rd wheel?

#4 For the recumbent 3rd wheeler pictured, we see that the 3rd wheel provides comfort. Many people could not ride a bike if they didn't have that 3rd wheel that allows them to be stable and just lay back.  It's a great thing to be able to provide comfort to others. Nothing to be ashamed of or feel embarrassed about. Where are you being a 3rd wheel that provides comfort to others?


I'm feeling very good about the service I provided to the 3rd wheel this week.

Please share this message with every 3rd wheel you know!


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