Life Lessons From Golf Lessons

Newest Obsession

I feel better about obsessing if I can relate it to work (or a blog)!

  • Some people are naturally good at things - others of us have to practice to get good
  • Even with tons of practice, we may never be good - just better than we were
  • Some people can do things just for fun - I struggle enjoying things I am not good at
  • If we focus on something, we will end up IN it (water or sand or tree) - choose carefully what we focus on
  • You can't hit the ball very well if you are worried about if your pants are too tight or your shirt is too short - minimize distractions
  • It's all about your swing; you can't make much progress if you don't get the basics right
  • One thought per swing; if we think about 4 things we are thinking about nothing
  • Learning something new is much easier with a coach
  • Only remember the good shots (I'm still working on if this is a good thing for life or not...)
  • If you just want to have fun, don't keep score; if you want to get better, keep score and set goals
  • Little changes can make a huge difference (like a 4% greater hip turn)
  • You play better when you feel like you look good (justifying my wardrobe and shoes)
  • Sometimes you just have to go and do it - even when you don't want to - you're always glad you tried
  • It's good to remember you are never the best and you are never the worst anything
  • There are times when you just need to acknowledge you lost your ball and move on
  • No one hits all perfect shots; it's all about how effectively we adjust our approach
  • Weather can affect our attitude and our attitude affects how we show up and play the game
  • Sometimes we need to ride and save our energy for the important part - hitting the ball
  • The ball really does go where you are aiming; oftentimes, we aren't aiming where we think we are - someone else needs to point that out
  • Take nothing for granted (like the 6" putt)
  • If we look hard enough, we can find something to appreciate in every situation
  • If you aren't having any fun, why are you doing it?

Okay, my golfing friends - I know you can add to the list - GO!!


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