The A to Z of Me Part II - No really, this IS the A to Z of ME!

Last week I challenged all of you (and each of you)  to think about yourself - your qualities - how you show up in the world. I also asked you to think about how WANT to show up in the world. Did you try it?


I started my exercise on Wednesday afternoon and completed it tonight; it took me a full week to reflect on this. I want to share my list and what I learned about about myself doing this exercise. IF you took the challenge, I would love to have you share what you learned about yourself and ONE ACTION STEP you are going to take!


10 Things I Learned as I did The A to Z of Me

  1. It is hard to think about my qualities or who I am being - much easier to think about what I am doing
  2. I have some qualities that I am aware of, that I am not proud of
  3. I have a lot of good qualities that I want to keep
  4. I am not ready to be done stretching, growing, developing
  5. Some of these qualities are here as the result of hard work
  6. Not everyone I know will think these are desirable qualities
  7. Some of the qualities I want to "lose" are qualities that annoy me in other people
  8. I enjoy spending time being reflective
  9. I really do want to share my list and get the perspective of others
  10. I am a complex person - so are others - I need to be careful about judging who I see at first glance


As a result of this exercise, I am going to designate a week in May to meet my 4 of my neighbors that I do not know (that won't be hard because I only know 3 of them) and bring them Turtle Shortbread Bars.  Who can so no to cookies? It's a first step. It's hard to be neighborly when I don't know their names.


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