Who doesn't love a Happy Ending?

It's obvious to many people that I have not been spending my time in my office writing about random wisdom this week.  It is most obvious to me!  I was tempted to just skip this week's message since it is now 5 days past due, and just write a holiday message of some sort on Tuesday, but that didn't feel right. I made a commitment in January that I would write something each week that included a powerful question, and I always keep my commitments --- even if it is 5 days late. What have you been doing these last few days? I have been doing all the things I love to do during the holidays which include shopping, wrapping, visiting people, play LOTS of Christmas music on the piano, baking, making cookie trays for friends and watching Christmas movies. I own about 20 Christmas movies (by the way, any move that takes place during the Christmas season is a Christmas movie from my point of view) and I managed to watch them all this year. Today I was thinking about why I love watching the same movies year after year after year. I know some of them so well that I could turn down the sound and recite the lines from all the characters. I know how they are going to end, but it doesn't matter to me. I still cry when the curtains open at the end of White Christmas and we see that it is finally snowing in old Vermont.  I get teary eyed when the angels do their good works in Preacher's Wife and It's A Wonderful Life. There is something magical, for me, about the stories that have struggle, hope and happy endings. My heart loves a happy ending.

Today I was thinking about how much of my life is happy right now - how much of my life has had a happy ending after struggle. I don't take that for granted and I am very grateful for the happiness and fullness in my life.   I know that many people are still in the struggle part of their lives and it can be tough to feel the hope or believe that there can be a happy ending; that is a fact of life. I also know that each of us can do something to make someone else's life a little better each day if we just put our minds to it.  This has nothing to do with money or material goods; I am referring to a smile or a kind word or the gift of forgiveness or sometimes, simply noticing someone and making them feel valued.


We still have 4 days until Christmas is here. Will you please look for someone each day that could use a little happy ending in their life? A little light? A little hope? and will you share that with them?  The best gifts are completely unexpected, but very much needed.  Wrap up your own good human nature these next few days and bless a few lives, will you please?  I can't think of anything more powerful than that.

Talk to you on Tuesday!