Reflect a little light

I know how this random thought starts, but I am not sure how it is going to end. I guess that is part of being random! We recently had a bit of wintry joy in Minnesota. I, at least, thought it was joyful; many others thought the 18 hours of snow was awful. I have many reasons why I enjoy snow - the Christmas lights look better, it means snowmen and snowball fights are possible, it's hockey season if there is snow on the ground, fireplaces and hot chocolate are both much better with snow on the ground, I love sweaters, scarves and mittens - I could go on, but I think you are getting the point... I LOVE WINTER!!! While I have a long list of reasons, I had not heard one reason shared by a fellow Minnesotan on the radio yesterday. "I don't mind shoveling at all because I was getting sick of the dark, gloomy nights we have this time of year when there is no snow on the ground. Once we have a snow cover, there is white to reflect the moonlight and the nights are brighter. I love having the lightness and brightness."

I had just never thought about that, even though I spent many nights as a child looking out at the moon reflecting off frozen Beaver Dam Lake or the snow in my yard. I never got sick of witnessing that beauty that was only present during the winter. Up north, it can get dark by 4:30 on December evenings and it is awfully gloomy when the light from the moon and other sources get absorbed into the dark ground - there is simply nothing to reflect light.

For whatever reason, that thought worked its way down into my brain and wouldn't let go. I couldn't help but think about how we all have the chance to be that covering of snow that reflects light and brightens a night or day or moment that is otherwise dark. I try hard to bring light to others, and typically find that when I bring light it is reflected back on me or on others. That is a pretty cool thing, isn't it?  To think that you have a choice to either absorb light or reflect it, thereby creating greater light.  We all have chances each day to be the light - to reflect light - to be the greater light - let's do it!

Powerful question: Who is a person in your life who reflects light and brightens your life?  Will you please let them know that this week?


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