What did you notice today?

That's me - in the plane over the wing on the right hand side of the plane - trying desperately to grab a few minutes of sleep so that I can be sharp for my client work tomorrow!!!!

I feel as if I have been flying for several weeks now and will be flying for several more.  Some of the flying is occurring in the air on a plane, and other bits of it are taking place inside my head as I find myself in a very busy time of the year. It's all good - doesn't make it less hectic.  As I have written about many times, we all need to get better at being in the moment we are in - not in the meeting or event at the end of the week or back in a conversation we had on Monday  - TODAY, NOW, THIS MOMENT!

Being mindful or present or in the moment (choose your terminology) does not always come easily, yet I am finding myself having an increased awareness of when I am NOT being any of those things. It is in that moment of self-awareness that I am NOT being present that I CAN CHOOSE TO BE.  How do I do it? My trick is to simply stop - breathe - notice!

Let me share what I noticed the last few days as I literally flew from Minnesota to Detroit to New Hampshire to Detroit to Minnesota to Chicago ... If I had not made the choice to be present, I would not have noticed any of these things ... and that would be a crying shame!

  • Little birds get into the airport terminals and love to fly around - that makes me happy

  • It is difficult to find food that is healthy for you in airport concourses

  • I really don't like Kenny G music - a favorite genre for airports

  • Some people can sleep anywhere

  • I am stunned at women who travel in 4" heeled boots - WOW

  • I like to travel in my tennies

  • I like to try and make every TSA employee I encounter smile - I bat about .750

  • I prefer the aisle seat because when I have to use the restroom I don't need to disturb anyone else

  • Solitaire on my phone is my favorite thing to do during take offs and landings - it soothes my mind

  • People are in love with each other and I enjoy seeing those subtle displays of love for one another

  • It can snow at 20,000 feet and it's beautiful

  • It is very difficult to travel with your aging mother across the country - sometimes daughters can make their aging mothers cry - that made me sad - I'm crying again now as I write this and think about the look on this mother's tired, wrinkled, little face as her frustrated daughter explained to her again why they were making this trip - it was hard to watch as I felt the pain from both of them - neither one enjoying the role she was being asked to play in her life in that moment

  • Everyone likes to get home

  • Having my puppy dogs wag tails and lick my face and chew on my hands to say HI, We really missed you ALMOST makes being away from them worth it!

PLEASE make it a habit to stop once a day and simply notice!


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