What am I teaching others?

I am on a plane flying home from Las Vegas. I'm really tired and I probably should be sleeping so that I show up full of energy for my client bright and early tomorrow morning, but sleep is not easy for me to access right now.  The weekend was a lovely blend of laughing, learning and living my life fully.  I love that those three verbs can happen separately and simultaneously. I have worked hard at making every moment a full moment...not a shallow one where I simply pass through and don't really pay attention to myself or others in the moment. That is likely why it was easy for me to learn in the laughter and laugh in the learning. When I am able to do that, life feels full...I feel full.I need to send out a huge thank you to all the people that taught me this weekend...intentionally and unintentionally.  God has seen fit to put amazing people in my life and they make me better.  One of the thoughts, not a new one, that surfaced for me again this weekend was the thought that someone is always watching us and we are teaching them ...about us.  This is an obvious thought for parents, although it seems we don't always remember it as I watch myself and others teach their children things they likely don't intend to. It may also be a fairly common thought for someone in a leadership position...part of a leadership role is that of being a teacher, right?


But what about the other roles we play and the other people we interact with?  Friends, siblings, parents, neighbors, the lady who sits behind you at church, the cashier you always see at the grocery store, the guy you coach soccer with in the fall...

As we interact with others what are we teaching them? I'm friendly I care enough to notice your hands are full and hold the door I realize that you are lonely and could use a phone call What you say is important and deserves my full attention I respect your opinion I accept compliments gracefully and accept the gift it was intended to be There are other ways to do things than my way...that might be better I don't always have to be in charge I don't always need to have the last word I am honest I do what I say I will do

This list could go on...and on...please add to it this week! I was simply and beautifully reminded today that I can teach people good things about myself and life if I choose to, or I can teach them less positive things.  I know I am teaching others because when I watch and listen, they reflect back what I am teaching them. I am at my best when I consider who is watching me and what I am teaching them. I challenge you to spend the next week living your life from this perspective...the perspective of a teacher.  What are you teaching those that watch you?

And if you don't like what you are teaching, then stop it.  You and those learning from you will be better for it!


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