The Power of Choice


choice of direction On my website, you will notice several images that suggest the process of making a choice. That is intentional! At the core of coaching is a desire to help people realize they have a choice. Technically, they have lots and lots and lots of choices, but we begin by simply realizing that choice exists in their lives. Once they can move past the place of "I can't help it. I can't do anything about it. I have to. I have no choice.", we begin to explore the choices they have. It is incredibly empowering to realize we have choices. On the flip side of the coin, there is no more powerless feeling than that of a victim - to feel as if we have no choices - the feeling of being trapped. I am all about helping people discover their personal power and the most direct route to that state of being is through choice.

 Recently, I have spent a good deal of time in coaching sessions, as well as team building sessions, offering up other perspectives or choices to my clients. I am always surprised by how easily I can see or hear or feel that they are living in the place of "I have no choice - I have to do this."   It is easy for me to see at least a few other options - in some cases, I can see many options. As the client and I begin to explore the choices, I can almost see a physical change come over them. There is an energy about realizing we have choices and that we are in control of what we choose to do or how we choose to act or be.

My challenge for you this week is to examine your own lives. Where do you feel as if you have no choice or as if you have no other options? Once you find a place like that, stay there. Stay with that place and force yourself to find at least three other choices. They don't have to be choices you are going to make - it's just to practice finding choices.

After you've done this a few times, I want you to select one of these places where you are feeling powerless and act on it.  This doesn't need to be a life altering choice, although it certainly could be. We never know when the choice we make will take us down a path that ultimately leads to a very new direction. Embrace the choice and go with it.

Please share some of your thoughts this week; I know that many of you are feeling trapped or powerless in at least one small part of your life.  Break out of it and take your power back!



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