Picture the gratitude

I am all about being grateful these days! Everything in life gets better when we remember what we are grateful for. This weeks post is filled with some great tools to facilitate you being more intentional about your gratitude!  Pick and choose or don't pick - do them all!  Visual gratitude





Hold the intention that you want to show more gratitude! Over a 5-7 day period, capture what you are grateful for in visual form. The intention, the noticing and the documenting will be a powerful experience. When you are connected with what you are grateful for, you will begin to see an abundance in your life.  Here's how to keep it simple: Use your phone to take pictures and a free program called collageit to create the final visual. The image in the middle with text is a simple PowerPoint slide saved as a jpeg. Super easy and a great visual reminder to carry with you or have on your desk. Hey, why limit this to you?  Why not make this a family activity?  Give each family member (or team member - take this to work) the challenge. Collect the photos. Talk about the photos. Print, frame and hang.


How about nudge up to 4 times a day to jot down something you are grateful for in an online journal?  Go to Gratitude 160!


See what Berkeley has learned about gratitude. It's more than a nice idea!


Taking note or writing down what you are grateful for increases the power of it all. The Happy App might work for you.


If the power of gratitude is so great, why not bring it to work?  Check out this page for more ideas!

I can't wait to hear what you notice as you focus on what you are grateful for!  Remember, notice the effect on you and those around you!

THANK YOU!  I am grateful for you - you give me a reason to keep digging and learning about ways to make our WHOLE lives more fulfilling!


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