Let's take a minute for stations to identify themselves...

Personal Brand

Personal Brand

This week's message is simple, but not necessarily easy. I was listening to the radio this week and several times during the baseball game, the announcers would say "let's  take a minute for stations to identify themselves."   I have heard that phrase thousands of times in my life, but yesterday I heard it differently ... if I had a minute, how would I identify myself?

I don't really have a 4 letter designation like WCCO or ESPN. Technically, I do because I have  JEAN, but that is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about personal branding. Who am I?  What do others identify with me? Am I like Jack FM, which has no rhyme or reason to the type of music it plays? or am I ESPN - sports 24/7 and people know exactly what they get when they turn to my station?

Do I identify myself by what I do? mom - grandma - Jazzercise instructor - professor - business owner - Minnesotan

Do I identify myself by who I am? intense - driven - positive - energetic

If I had one minute to identify myself to someone what would I tell them?

Have I been intentional about my brand? and if so, what is behind my brand?

Maybe this is a big deal to me because I am working hard on developing my business this year, and I AM MY business.  I don't sell any products. I sell services, but the services I sell are completely reliant on who I am and my ability to deliver. That may be why that phrase on the radio caught my attention, but I think it was more than that. I believe that I am intrigued by how people choose to show up in the world. Let's try a little experiment ... in the comment box, type 3 words that you think describe my brand (me). Some of you only know me from this blog - others of you know me as friends - yet others are clients.  I am interested in all the comments and we'll see how consistent my brand is across all the factions.

As for your powerful question this week; what is your brand? what do you want the world to identify with you?  Feel free to leave those comments, too.  Thanks for being willing to share a bit of yourself with us!


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