I got nothin' - yet I have everything!


Part of keeping a commitment is doing the thing when you really don't want to and you don't feel up to the challenge. That is me tonight! I have had a crazy month and my to-do list is growing by the day. What I am proud of is that I may have let a few things slip on my to-do list, but my to-be list is looking great. I have refused to let anything get in the way of how I want to show up in the world. THAT IS NOT EASY!! One of the benefits of making my to-be list a priority is that things can slip or fall or be undone on my to-do list and I still feel okay. When I make my to-do list a priority and forget about my to-be list, I end up getting things done, but I don't always like who I am in the process. I like who I am tonight and feel like I am doing a pretty good job of showing up in the world as who I want to be. So, what magical, powerful question do I have for you tonight? Well, I was thinking how I don't really have anything to say tonight.

No nuggets!

No tips!

No poignant thoughts!

I got nothin' to share!


Instead of pondering and prepping today, I spent the day with my beautiful, smart, funny, quirky, great-to-be-with granddaughter, Coryn, who will be 12 years old next week. We shopped and laughed and watched a movie and ate dinner and listened to music and bought ipad apps and played Hangman and loved being together. It was a magnificent day because I spent my time doing something really important and it feels so good to spend time doing what I know is important instead of things that take time, but really aren't all that important.   From that perspective, I have everything tonight.

My question for you this week is simply this - What are the most important things in your life? And, are you making choices each day that reflect what is important? I promise you that the more often you align what you do with what is important to you - the happier you will be. That is rocket science, my friends!


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