Simplify your life...I dare you!

I must admit that I am suffering from vacation brain! My body has been back for nearly 48 hours, but my brain is still in Hawaii. 



 I made a commitment for a weekly post however, so here goes something very  SIMPLE this week.  When I travel, I love to sit back and observe the culture and what makes it different from “home”.  The Islands are beautiful and the weather is consistently lovely. It is also very far away from anything, which makes life there expensive. I noticed that the people who live there (NOT the tourists) keep life very simple. Their homes, cars, clothing, meals are all simple – they seem to have chosen a simplified life, in which they don’t need much to be happy.

I came home to all of my stuff and started to think about what it would be like to live life more simply.  I tend to make things complicated and add layers to relationships, career, and social life. All of that complication takes extra time and energy …and sometimes, money.  Does this complication make me happier? I don’t think so and I am now intent on simplifying some things.

What about you? What are parts of your life that could use a little simplification? I challenge you to identify 3 things this week that you are going to simplify … and I would love to have you share your 3 things here on the post …just add a comment!


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