What if it were easy?

Some of you know that I have been trying to write a book for nearly two years, and it has been a gigantic struggle. I am in awe of people like Vince Flynn or John Grisham who madeit look easy as they published a new book at least once a year. I don’t write as my career; I am not an author. Also, I am not making up a story in my head and writing fiction;  I am taking my own academic research and translating it into a leadership book. I don’t know if that makes it easier or harder, but this task of writing my book (there will only be ONE) is extremely difficult. Those sound like excuses - they ARE!

I'm not doing it alone; I have help! I have a wonderful editor who helps me break this seemingly insurmountable job into bite-size chunks.  She encourages me.  She listens to me whine.  She gives me helpful feedback. Still, I have told myself a story that I now believe and the story is writing a book is really hard. The thought occurred to me today “what if writing this book were easy?”  What would be different about this entire project if it were easy?

At this point it is just a thought, but I am going to try very hard to stand in that place of ‘writing my book is easy’ and see how it goes. If my theory is correct, it will actually become easier because I believe it is so. Believing it is hard is not helping me finish my book, so why not try a different belief? I have nothing to lose. My belief that writing the book is very hard has been limiting my success, and I’m sick and tired of being limited.  BREAK OUT WITH ME!!!! 

What if that one thing you think is really hard, really weren’t?  What if it were easy? Let’s play with this idea and see if we can get rid of a limiting belief and make something easy this week.

What if it were easy?

What if it were easy?

Check out this easy little tune/video --- just watching it makes me think that things don't have to be hard--- enjoy a little break at the beach!


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