Move through your next transition with more ease than you can imagine...


…even if your normal response is, “Oh no, not another frustrating, emotionally draining transition!”



The Transitions Journey Deck is a simple yet groundbreaking approach that transforms the overwhelm and frustration of transition into clarity and ease. 

This easy-to-use, revolutionary approach will completely shift your experience of transitions – for the rest of your life.

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This deck will help you:

  • Find clarity and direction during emotionally challenging times

  • Start seeing the possibilities instead of the roadblocks

  • Discover treasures hidden beneath the frustrating change

  • Take advantage of life’s greatest growth opportunities

  • Move forward with confidence and ease

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A transition is a terrible learning opportunity to waste.
Make the most of yours.


What's inside:

  • 45 questions cards

  • 50 photo cards

  • 6 bonus questions

  • A journal

  • A sorting pad

  • Instructions


How do I use this deck?



Think about a meaningful transition (current or past).



Use the prompts on the question cards to explore the 3 key areas of any successful transition: yourself, what you are letting go of/grabbing onto, and the transition journey itself.



Use the photo cards to evoke thoughts, feelings and ideas around your transition. These cards tap into both sides of your brain, as well as your intuition, to open the door to new information that may be lying beneath the surface.



Use the journal to capture any key learnings or actions you want to carry forward.



Drop any unhelpful baggage you are carrying onto your sorting pad, and let it go.

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Enjoy and integrate these new learnings as you move through your transition.


Who can benefit from this deck?


Coaches // as a tool for working with clients

Teachers // to increase engagement from students

Social workers // to field discussions in sensitive environments

Guidance counselors // to help students make unexpected connections

Employers and leaders // to uncover what your employees are going through

HR executives // to accelerate on-boarding or role transitions

Family members // to facilitate discussion with an elderly loved one or young child

Friends and party hosts // as a conversation starter

You // as a personal tool for self-discovery

...and so many others!


While this deck is designed to help you ease through your transitions, the questions and pictures can be used to explore any topic — even a dinner conversation with friends.

We used the deck leisurely as a family game last night with my parents, siblings and husband. It ended up being like a ‘get to know you’ session with family. So much fun!
— Bethany, photographer and graphic designer


How did this deck come to be?


Hi, I’m Jean Davidson. I am a CTI-trained Coach (CPCC – PCC) with a certification in Neuro-Transformational Coaching (CNTC) -- and my life has been FULL of transitions. I’m sure yours has, too. And as we all know, just because change is inevitable, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. 

A divorce, a new job, a new living arrangement, new relationships – amidst them all, I had moments when I just wanted to quit and go back to the way things were. I wanted this “new life”, but found myself caught up in the emotion of it all and unable to think clearly. The result? I was a mess and not showing up well in any part of my life. 

It wasn’t until I had the opportunity to explore this phenomenon of “transitions” in my doctoral research that I discovered the unconscious and life-changing pieces of information that are hidden inside every transition period.

Unlocking these treasures is an opportunity many of us sadly miss, and I want to change that. 

Using the power of images to stimulate the right brain, this deck was born out of a desire to both help you unlock breakthrough transition “treasures” for yourself, and to create a tool I could use in my personal coaching practice to get at these discoveries quickly and with ease.  


Don’t let life’s greatest growth opportunities pass you by.  


I’ve now used the Transitions Deck several times and it’s fantastic! A few of my colleagues here saw it and asked to borrow it for an ice breaker exercise so it’s getting visibility within the Expedia HR team.
— Marian, HRBP, Expedia Group
I appreciate the card game. I have used some of the questions to open dialogue in meetings. They offer reflection and often a shift in mindset. I look forward to using it more in coaching conversations. Thank you so much, brilliant stuff.
— Stella Hollett, Senior Leader and Strategic Management Consultant
I am working with a small group of leaders that are new to management roles, and they said this: “I love your deck. One of the best elements of the design is the inherent ‘opt-in’ to reflection and exploration. When you let the leaders choose the question cards and the photo cards, they just open up.”
— Erin, HR professional
After listening to [Jean], I must say I can’t wait to apply this theory and use this deck in my conversations with the students I work with!
— Guidance counselor, Artful Inquiry workshop participant
We used the deck leisurely as a family game last night with my parents, siblings and husband, and there were a lot of ‘Hmmm, that’s a really good question’ comments. I had everyone select a question card at random like trivia, and then select a photo card to connect with. It ended up being like a ‘get to know you’ session with family. So much fun!
— Bethany, photographer and graphic designer
I know it’s called the Transitions Journey, but it’s so much more. It’s huge! They are the questions you typically need someone else to ask you, because it’s hard to think like that when stressed. A coach-in-a-box?
— Tom from Tennessee
I used your card deck as a warm up activity for my fearless speaker program. They liked it so much I believe [one of the students] bought a card deck for her upcoming presentation. So fun.

I gave each person a picture and asked them to spend about 30 seconds sharing what it made them think of. Each person easily shared a story and I made a point about storytelling not being difficult. I encouraged them to use storytelling in their next presentation. I love it!
— Sara, executive coach, professional speaker

Do you have a transition story you'd like to share?
Send it to me at!
I’d love to hear how this deck has helped you.


“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

Maya Angelou