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Workshops, Leadership Development, Consulting + Speaking

Whether you're part of a global company or a small startup, an aligned workforce is essential to continued development, growth, and yes, revenue. There are four ways you can hire me to help bring your community into alignment:

1) through one of my workshops
2) through my leadership development offerings
3) as a consultant 
4) as a keynote speaker



These are a few of my “off the shelf” workshops. Looking for something a bit different? Contact me and we'll customize one.


Artful Inquiry: When Words Are Insufficient | Explore new ways to uncover information, discuss issues, or create innovative solutions. Isn’t it time you tap into the underutilized part of your brain, which is the door to new information? Stop letting words limit your ability to think.

Difficult Conversations | No one loves talking about emotionally charged issues, but it’s necessary. Learn strategies for having more successful difficult conversations.

Change and Transition for Me | People don't resist change; they resist loss. What is the personal safety net your employees need in order to let go of the old way of doing things and grasp onto the new? Move your employees from victims to proactive participants.

Keys to Effective Communication | People are a bit like locks – each lock requires a different key. What opens one door does nothing for another door. Learn how to select the right keys to unlock effective conversations.

Insights Personal Discovery | Gain deeper insights into yourself and your colleagues. Learn to adapt and connect with others to create strong and effective relationships based on understanding preferences and behavior. Learn more about Insights, the organization that trained me in this powerful method. 

7 Levels of Effectiveness | This framework, developed by my friends at BEabove Leadership, offers powerful insights into how we communicate, work together, create teams, etc. Let me help you learn to recognize and ascend the 7 Levels to create a powerful working environment.

Neuroscience | Thanks to BEabove, I am one of very few Certified Neurotransformational Coaches (CNTC) in the world. This unique model is where coaching, neuroscience and consciousness meet. Allow me to bring the fascinating research around consciousness and the brain to your organization in an engaging, fun, actionable way.

Leadership Development

These workshops/tools target developing leaders and are customized to fit into your leadership development program.


In addition to these workshops, I have coached dozens of leaders at all levels of an organization, and have found that a combination of assessments, group work and individual coaching create the best results for highly effective, healthy, happy leaders. I truly approach leadership development as a custom piece of work. No two organizations have the same needs, culture, values, challenges, people – let’s talk and develop something that fits your specific need.

Insights Discovery Full Circle Profile | This is the perfect complement to the Insights Discovery Personal Profile, as it extends our understanding and awareness to others' perceptions of our personal approach, style and impact. This is an excellent way to introduce people to feedback from others. It is preference-based, not competency-based, and thus feels safer and easier to discuss with those that provide feedback. As with all assessments, the true value comes from the conversations that take place and the doors to understanding that open.

Insights Transformational Leadership | Understand leadership strengths and weaknesses based on your personal preferences. Create strategies for continuous personal development through the eight dimensions of leadership. This unique leadership model based on capabilities and preferences can be partnered with world-class diagnostics to create a one of a kind leadership development program.

Leading Change | 80% of planned changes fail to meet their ROI because leaders don’t know how to deal with the human and cultural issues. Develop leaders who are able to create, navigate and sustain change.

Leadership Transition | Help your leaders hit the ground running, and decrease the lost productivity that is typically a byproduct of leadership transition.


Sometimes you need a neutral voice, an objective observer, or 3rd party to plan and manage a meeting. I am not there to contribute content – that’s yours; I am there to bring a process that helps your group be more effective (and oftentimes, efficient).


Polarity Thinking | An underutilized approach for thinking through the dilemmas and tensions that every leader struggles with. Cost and quality, speed and quality, independent and team, growth and spending, innovation and LEAN, etc. These are pairs of challenges that are forever linked – they are NOT a problem to be solved. Let me help you work through some of the organizational dilemmas that are a drain in your resources. Not only will you be able to effectively manage the tensions, but you will learn a tool that must be a part of every leader’s toolkit. Based on Barry Johnson’s Polarity Management work, I can help you get very practical very quickly.

Change Management | As a change management consultant for 25 years, my experience qualifies me to work with all types of organizational change. I can be a valuable resource in helping you plan for the human and cultural elements of change that often get overlooked, but hold the key to successful implementation.  

Team Effectiveness | Whether you are starting a new team, putting together a temporary work/project team, developing an existing team, or trying to turn around an under-performing team, I can be your partner in creating a way to increase their effectiveness.

Keynote Speaking

Need something more focused, brief and large scale? I am a frequent speaker at local, national and global conferences and events. 

These are some "off-the-shelf" presentations, but if are looking to engage your audience on a different topic, let's customize a keynote for your next large group event.


The Reflective Leader | Neuroscience shows us that having an experience and learning from the experience cannot happen at the same time. There must be a process to turn that experience into learning. Why would you miss the opportunity to get everything you can from the experiences you are having? The best leaders hit the pause button to evaluate who they are and what they are doing; explore what it means to be reflective

Pictures of Leadership Transition | "See" what 10 successful leaders learned as they made dramatic, successful leadership transitions. Dr J’s doctoral research used both story and pictures as a way for leaders to reflect on these difficult transitions. No book on leadership or change can compare to the surprising lessons the leaders shared, and we want to share these with you.

Reflections on Leadership: 10 Keys to Great Leadership | Lessons learned from 25 years of working with highly successful and highly unsuccessful leaders

Life: It’s a Matter of Perspective | It's easy to get stuck in one way of seeing things; learn to expand your choices by exploring other perspectives. This interactive keynote has you experience a real-time shift in thinking!

Noticing: The Key to Getting More Out of Life | We are living in a time when fast equals better – the next place is better than where we are – just get it done and move on to what’s next. These subtle (and not so subtle) messages are causing to live our lives at a superficial level – not taking the time to really notice what is within and around us. Come learn about how to truly NOTICE (we can’t change or celebrate or eliminate what we don’t notice)!