I work with clients in multiple capacities. Whether you're looking for individual guidance, organization-wide consulting or group learning, I enjoy tailoring my delivery to your needs.



Are you feeling stuck in your job or life? Are you feeling confused about what to do next? Are you tired of struggling with lack of confidence in yourself or your decisions? Do you feel as if there is more in life or work than you are currently experiencing?

Let's work together to determine your next steps and find the right path.

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Group Coaching

Imagine the power of meeting with a group of folks experiencing similar challenges, in a trusting environment, with a coach guiding you through your own discovery work.

Whether you're seeking coaching for yourself, or would like to offer it to your employees, group coaching is a powerful, affordable option. 

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Team Coaching

Are your team members’ goals aligned to each other and to broader organizational goals? Do team members have clarity around their roles and responsibilities?  Do your team members communicate effectively, especially in locations around the country or the world?

Let me help your team work better together.

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No matter the size of your organization, meaningful progress can't happen unless your workforce is aligned and continually looking to develop and grow.

Hire me to help develop your organization through workshops, leadership development, consultation or a keynote. 

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