Meet the Colonel

It's time to introduce you to the second leader from my leadership research group - please meet THE COLONEL

Colonel Blake (salute optional)

                 The colonel looks like a retired Marine colonel – tall and tough. He exudes confidence and a sense of purpose; these are qualities that I want in a leader that is leading me … somewhere, anywhere, especially when the place we are going involves change, which can be scary, uncomfortable, painful and often confusing. The Colonel, or Blake, had spent 35 years in the Marines, and 20 of those years in leadership positions. He was a master planner and executor, who taught at their leadership academies and still receives calls from the Pentagon to help them think through sticky situations. After 35 years of defending our country, he pulled the plug and became a civilian. However, work is one of his hobbies and he quickly found another job – something he just couldn’t refuse. His reputation as someone who loved a challenge was fairly widespread, which led to a phone call late one night from a high ranking government official requesting that he consider working for the state to take care of a mess in one of their departments. Without going into too much detail, what you need to know is that the state agency was comprised of about 80% female social workers.  The Colonel had never had a female on his staff – EVER!  In four years, he was able to lead a turnaround effort that was nothing short of superhuman. While the job itself was tough, the personal change required for his leadership style was equally challenging. What he learned on the battlefields of Dessert Storm proved helpful in fighting the battle to save children from domestic abuse.

If The Colonel sounds like someone you would like to know more about, please read his story. Pull up a chair and get comfortable; his story is about 7 pages long. Also, remember that this is raw material. No editor's hawk-like eyes have seen it - plenty of spelling and grammar mistakes to go around!  Try to read beneath the roughness and find the story!

Story of a Colonel


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