Meet my Leaders




How do I introduce you to these ten amazing leaders in a way that will serve your needs, as a reader? You need to know something about who they are and what they value, so you can relate to them, either aligning or opposing. It’s important for you to get a sense of what their transition was; in other words, what they were leaving behind and what they were stepping into. You need to know that they are real – that they made mistakes just like you and I; they weren’t superhuman or even voted leader of the year – they were everyday people that found themselves in a strange, new land where they desperately wanted to be successful. I was lucky enough to spend at least four hours with each of these leaders over a six-month period. They shared every part of their journey – the comfortable, the uncomfortable, the strange, the painful, the embarrassing, the “I want to turn around and quit”, and the moments of excitement that came from meeting a challenge, not giving up, and taking others with them on their journey. I trust these leaders; I would follow them into unknown territory – unknown to me and to them. I would follow them because they are anchors, lighthouses, base camps, whatever term you want to use for something you hang on to when things get rocky and you feel lost and afraid. I hope that in these brief introductions, I can give you a sense of who these trusted leaders are. I want you to trust them so that you can trust what they taught me; they taught me how to wander through unfamiliar territory with a sense of purpose and come out on the other side with a smile, and a few wrinkles, on my face!

Over the next several weeks, I will introduce you to these men and women and ask you to find your own lessons in their stories!


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