Let's start with Doug ... The Grocery Guy

BigGroceryGuyDoug is the owner of a small retail store – a one of a kind local retail store, and he is happy. He is actually happier wearing $20 Dockers and bagging groceries working alongside of his wife than he had been when he was buying $5000 suits and riding on private jets to have dinner at exclusive restaurants discussing the possibility of opening up a retail store with city fathers.  In many ways this didn’t surprise Doug because he had filled executive retail positions for 20 years and was not interested in getting any more frequent flyer miles or free hotel stays. These years had allowed him to own multiple homes and live a life, if not of luxury, it was a life that was well above average. What was a surprise was how little he knew about the day to day running of a business – what was cash flow? And what do you mean that the truck waiting in the parking lot can’t unload the truck until he gets a check for what the last delivery? He was stunned by how much work it took to be an entrepreneur as compared to a retail executive. If you talk to the people Doug has hired to work in his store, you will hear stories of what a great guy he is and that he works right by their side doing whatever it takes to make customers happy. This experience helped him understand the two sides of ego  - why leaders need an ego, and why leaders have to keep their egos in check. “I only wish I would have had the guts to try this earlier in my career. I might have been a better leader and saved some of the organizational trauma I saw taking place with employees” (Doug). If Doug sounds like someone you would like to know more about, please read his story. Pull up a chair and get comfortable; his story is about 10 pages long. Also, remember that this is raw material. No editor's hawk-like eyes have seen it - plenty of spelling and grammar mistakes to go around!  Try to read beneath the roughness and find the story!

The Story of a Grocery Guy


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